The concept of probation model office

Uniqueness of model offices

During the creation of the model probation offices on the basis of the probation units the modern international experience is used in order to fundamentally change the approach to the work with the probation clients in Ukraine.

The model office should have the multifunctional architecture, due to the new case management and work with the probation clients. The new approach envisages the separation of the common area (the visitors and the staff can stay there) and the restricted one (only for the staff) that increases the satisfaction of the probation staff and the work efficiency. It creates the safe interactive environment for the staff and the personal data protection.

The reception desk should be located near the entrance of the office, as it is the first impression for the offenders when they enter the probation unit. It is an important element of the probation image. It demonstrates the tolerant approach to the offenders. The atmosphere of mutual respect and trust is created there. According to the new format, the reception space becomes the place of support and assistance to the convict.

The office should have separate rooms for the individual (confidential and comfortable communication with the probation clients and pretrial report) and the group (promotes complex work, in particular, for the implementation of the probation programs) work.

The design of the probation office should meet modern challenges and tasks. It resembles the private companies’ offices. It has the appropriate interior and equipment (working places with the modern computer equipment for the staff with the possibility to provide the online services, which are related to the probation).

The office should have the convenient location in order the offenders can arrive there from different districts of the city using the public transport.